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Mindset Reset

$10 for the complete self-guided course

So, you're gearing up for your next big thing, but feeling a little bogged down?

You could use a Mindset Reset — a playful-yet-powerful + instantly implementable coaching tool designed to upgrade how you approach every task, project, or undertaking. This isn't just about thinking positively — it's about intentionally choosing your attitude and turning that choice into action.

Tackle Your Fears

$10 for the complete self-guided course

This simple, yet powerful process to help you think through — instead of always feeling through — your fears, so you can get clear on your very next step. You’ll have these seven steps memorized after going through this process just once or twice.

This exercise will change your life immediately...and forever.

Make It Happen Method

$150 for self-guided course

+ (optional) $25/month for Power Hour access

The Make It Happen Method is the unconventional approach to getting things done, one week at a time, so that you can actually finish a meaningful to-do list, this week and every week after that. Join us inside the Make it Happen Method + upgrade to include the live weekly Power Hour.

Clear Out Your Life Clutter

$100 for the complete self-guided course

Got life clutter? Pesky distractions + tolerations that mess with your focus, waste your time, hold you back, and slow you down? This stuff is sabotaging your success in more ways than you know.

Our series of 12 weekly playful-yet-practical coaching sessions — each just 15 minutes long — will clear out your life clutter and make room for what matters most.

“I’ve taken nearly everything they offer: read the book, the self-paced class, attend weekly power hours, gobbled up monthly drops, and attended two quarterly No Matter What events. With all that I have learned in my career about goal setting, productivity, and execution, this is by far the most effective.

They are funny, real, and as a process person, it took me months to figure out how they are doing it so I could do it in my own. Now that I do, I’d rather they guide me. I was keeping them my secret. But I think others deserve these superpowers too. 😉

I hope you will check them out. You will thank me.

~ Heather Martinez
Durango, Colorado

No Matter What

$375 for your ticket to the September 13th virtual event

No Matter What is the high-voltage, interactive, one-day virtual coaching intensive where you will claim more, do more, and become more than you ever thought possible - and you'll leave armed with a concrete plan of action for your next 90-days. The next event is happening Friday, September 13th and you gotta be there!

“At No Matter What, Jennie guides you through a process that gets you laser focused on your next 90 days' goals. Then you'll gain clarity on how to pursue them - all the way through to execution, even to the point of anticipating what negative patterns you historically have (aka Hilda) that have stopped you in the past. Once you can see on paper what your negative self-talk looks like, it takes the power right out of it. Leaving you armed with enough go-juice to get you through to the finish line on your goals! I have a 90 day plan for getting my business launched. I'm so excited. I will be live and ready to deliver my life-changing message to the world.”

~ Lisa Phoenix
Nashville, Tennessee


$9.99 on Kindle | $12.99 on Audible | $14.99 for paperback

Jennie wrote the book all about that irksome inner critic - who she lovingly dubbed Hilda - who aims to keep you safe, stuck, and stifled. The book is called HILDA: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Unleash Your Badassery. Grab your copy today on Amazon or Audible.

Get Out of Your Own Way

$50 for the complete self-guided course

This prerecorded six-part mini-workshop is jam-packed with our very best coaching tools, techniques, and tricks that we've tested, validated, and perfected with thousands of clients over the years to help you Get Out of Your Own Way - permanently.

Confidence Continuum

$50 for the complete self-guided course

Confidence Continuum is our untraditional, repeatable, proven approach to goal setting - a process that helps you set goals that you really want + that matter to you, so that you can actually achieve them.

Opportunity Scorecard

$50 for the complete self-guided course

Make better decisions — and make them faster. The Opportunity Scorecard is your secret weapon for making informed decisions, one choice at a time, so you can confidently tackle invitations and projects that truly matter, now and in the future.

Consistent Activities Challenge

$30 for the complete self-guided course

Amp up your consistency + ditch the daily decision fatigue by weaving impactful actions into your routine. This bite-sized, powerful tool will boost your consistency + simplify your decision-making, so that you can achieve your goals with less effort and more freedom...starting today, and every day after that.

ASK for Referrals

$10 for the pdf guide + sample bank of ASK letters

This 8-page powerhouse PDF is packed with our proven effective methods for directly asking for more referrals for your business. With actionable advice and specific scripts, ASK for Referrals transforms the request for help from daunting to doable.

"I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I truly enjoy your community. Since the moment I opened up your emails, I've felt nothing but truly cared for by you. And that's doing something right. I thank you for the encouragement I receive on the (Make It Happen) Power Hours, in the (Digital) Campfire, and in the email newsletters. Not only have you built an amazing community but you are such amazing individuals."

~ Heather Chapman
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Private Voxer Coaching

$750 per month for unlimited asynchronous coaching

While our full-service Private Coaching is booked solid, we still want to support as many impatiently ambitious humans as we can. So we are proudly offering unlimited asynchronous coachingdelivered all via Voxer, a free messaging app for your smartphone...making our coaching support much more time- and budget-friendly.

Borrow My CEO

consulting rates vary by project

Jennie: If you're reading this, then you likely know a bit about the genius of my wife and CEO. Meredyth Mustafa-Julock.

And while you may think me biased, I assure you that I totally am...and I'm also right! Meredyth has a particular set of skills that have dramatically up-leveled our business. And she would love to lend some of that genius to YOU!

Unstuck + Unstoppable

Facilitator Training Program

Initial investment: $1500; annual fee to maintain license

After years of testing and perfecting it, Jennie's unstuck + unstoppable group facilitation methodology is now something you can use in your own group experiences. You can learn the process inside and out and become licensed to host u+u sessions in your own groups, masterminds, and communities!

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