If you're seeking the place where people with impatient ambition to do more of what matters...

You’ve found it.

Meredyth (left), Jennie (right) in a silly selfie

We are Jennie + Meredyth

We work with people who have impatient ambition - people who have done lots of great things, but want waaay more and it's just not happening fast enough.

We help you actually accomplish what matters most to you so that you can get farther, faster!

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If you’re here, we know you’re ready for more.

But first, a quick quiz: Are you…


An impatiently ambitious human who wants to make a significant change in your life, but hasn't been able to pull the trigger just yet?



An impatiently ambitious human being who’s launched, achieved, and implemented great things, but are hungry to level up in a significant way?

Okay, okay. The truth is, it doesn’t actually matter if you’re A or B or any other letter of the alphabet.

What matters is your impatient ambition and your hunger for change.

If wanting bigger things for yourself kinda scares the crap out of you, and yet, deep down, you really can’t help yourself, then you, my friend, have impatient ambition.

And you’re in exactly the right place.