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If you're ready to do more of what matters to you, you need the unstoppable duo - Jennie + Meredyth - to make it happen, no matter what.

(yes, that's us, referring to ourselves in the third person)

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You’re ready to do more of what actually matters to you.

We can help.

Jennie Mustafa-Julock here...

AKA your perfect partner in making things happen, no matter what.

Jennie has spent over 17 years as a professional coach, co-creating, testing, and validating coaching tools and techniques with hundreds of clients. She's known for digging deep, cutting through the excuses, and helping our clients tap into their hidden potential so they can finally do more of what matters most to them...but with zero fluff and loads of humor.

Meredyth Mustafa-Julock here...

AKA the systems nerd you need in your life.

Meredyth joined Jennie's coaching business full-time in 2021 after 20 years in education, both as a special educator and later as an Assistant Principal. She’s all about the practical and tactical parts of business...and life. Her expertise in adult learning, coaching, and a borderline obsessive love for tools and systems turned out to be the missing puzzle piece for our work.

Sadie here...

AKA our Chief Cuteness Officer. Our one-year-old, four-pound fluff ball doesn't have a huge resume to share with you. But she insisted on being on this page.

Together, we run our coaching empire for people with impatient ambition who want to accomplish more of what actually matters to them. And we do so on the road, living our untethered life in our cozy 28’ Airstream trailer. And in case you’re curious, we’ve been together since 1997, married since 2003 (well, legally since 2009), and now business partners since 2021. And we have never been happier.